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  solo / small ensemble
unleash harp 12'
zraz za [1.8mb] piano 10'

kör [1.2mb]

fourteen instruments 15'
for loss [1.1mb] prepared condemned piano 63'
jade luster [1.4mb] piano duo 11'
summer ligature [0.9mb] flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 3'
sanbenzhizhua piano 5'
la rosée fond  [1.4mb] violin 8'
no un violín [1.3mb] viola 7'
anthem for apep [1.1mb] horn quintet 4'
la coral de una mano alberto [0.7mb] piano 6'
in keinen wörtern singen wir [1.3mb] cello con sordino 3'
quartet desire [1.4mb] clarinet, violin, cello, piano 10'
la negación de símbolo [0.8mb] piano 11'
spiral à outrance [1.1mb] flute 13'
farewell bacchae [1.1mb] basset clarinet 12’
twenty six eighty seven [0.9mb] alto saxophone 8’
bir[d] w[h]istle [1.4mb] solo flutist and ensemble 14’
duo [1.5mb] alto saxophone, violin 5’
nocturnal acts [1.2mb] alto saxophone 5’
autumn palette [1.3mb] flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 3’
clear shade [1.0mb] piano 5’
solitary practice [1.0mb] alto flute 3’
breathe.... [1.3mb] violin 5’
dialogue [1.0mb] amplified cello 10’
winter tide [1.4mb] flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 7’
wally violin 10’
hottentot string trio 7’
froze violin 5’
quasi tre string quartet 6’
songbag brass quartet 6'
three movements woodwind quartet 8’
listen to qin piano 3’
no title required brass quintet, percussion 5’
guilt in the desert cello, piano, percussion 5’
  orchestra / large ensemble
concerto [1.3mb] string quartet and orchestra 15’
-ia [1.2mb] orchestra 7’
mocking days [1.2mb] wind ensemble 6’
some other time [1.0mb] orchestra 6’
congee orchestra 15’
diary orchestra 3’
a leaf by far [1.0mb] unaccompanied voice 4’
night lay on page [1.1mb] unaccompanied voice 5’
psalm wrath double SATB a cappella 3’
psalm 117 SATB a cappella 2’
angel's way various sonds and upright piano 25'
tung o processional theatre for viola, cello, two horns, trombone 40’
if and and if dramaturgical play for sound ---
starting over incidental music 100’
ancient voices [1.9mb] dancers, paper, flute, clarinet, vibraphone 18’
one act play actors/musicians ---
hce/still moving I [1.2mb] sound installation ---
ISOLTR [1.1mb] multi-tracks clarinet solos 5’
a plot…. [1.3mb] MIDI piano 13’
in memory of you
free performance medium ---

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