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New Music for Orchestra
Vienna Modern Masters VMM 3039
(Vienna, Austria, 1997)





some other time for orchestra
Jiri Mikula/Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra







eXchange : CHINA
Composers Recording Inc. CRI 805
(New York, U.S.A., 1999)


winter tide
kawai and the musicians

"....glitters and soars through its concise four minutes."
-American Record Guide

"....creates a surprising amount of drama."












music of kawai shiu : pornography
Soy Sauce Records SSR 0004
(Hong Kong, 1999)

Richard Foster/violin

solitary practice
Sheryl Cohen/alto flute

nocturnal acts
Jonathan Noffsinger/alto saxophone

James Holland/amplified cello

a plot....
kawai, CLARIE/MIDI piano

Matt Ingalls/clarinet

clear shade
Kenneth Saxon/piano

ancient voices
kawai and the musicians



unassuming music/kawai shiu
Ablaze Records AR 00002
(Australia, 2008)


la coral de una mano alberto
Albert Tiu/piano

in keinen wörtern singen wir
Ekachai Maskulrat/cello

night lay on page
Katherine Wallace/voice

no un violín
Zhou Yi/viola

anthem for apep
Han's Horn Quintet

spiral à outrance
Yuan Long/flute

quartet desire
Li Xin/clarinet, Xu Tian/violin, Zhou Mi/cello, Jenny Cho/piano


"Each piece in this collection is a very attention-getting listening experience - tranquil and Zen-like one movement; bodering on violent and manic the next."
-Audiophile Audition




soundpocket 1
(Hong Kong, 2010)

tung o processional
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

"....scene after scene of mesmerizing music."
-Headline Daily



stream and seasons/kawai shiu
Ablaze Records AR 00005
(U.S.A., 2010)

autumn palette
Kelly Loh Bao Yun/flute, Li Hanqi/clarinet, Wu Na/piano, Jiang Lele/violin, Hsieh Meng Feng/cello

farewell bacchae
Li Xin/clarinet

a leaf by far
Katherine Wallace/voice

summer ligature
Kelly Loh Bao Yun/flute, Li Hanqi/clarinet, Wu Na/piano, Jiang Lele/violin, Hsieh Meng Feng/cello

la rosée fond
Xiaoxiao Qiang/violin

twenty six eighty seven
Dan Gelok, alto saxophone

winter tide
Kelly Loh Bao Yun/flute, Li Hanqi/clarinet, Wu Na/piano, Jiang Lele/violin, Hsieh Meng Feng/cello

jade luster
Low Shao Suan. Low Shao Ying/piano


"The album of music by Kawai Shiu, titled Stream and Seasons, nearly explodes with virtuosity and color. The performances are fearless and impeccable; the music is exciting and sensitive. ‘Autumn Palette’, only 2-1/2 minutes long, is a brilliant opening piece—full of fire, dense and compact but never forced. Farewell Bacchae is extended clarinet at its best, widely expressive but cohesive, and clarinetist Li Xin is marvelous. The solo violin piece La Rosee Fond is a delicate arabesque in the very upper reaches of the instrument’s range. In all of the pieces the timing is wonderful, both Shiu’s and the performers’."
-American Record Guide



for loss
Ablaze Records AR 00012
(U.S.A., 2013)



for loss
kawai shiu/prepared condemned piano

"[for loss] belongs to a special category of modern music. Kawai Shiu's style is, in parts, experimental, impressionistic, jazzy, poetic, and devotional."

"On their own, the fascinating sonorities and sustained atmosphere plot an unconventional, but recognizably dramatic story, an artistic meditation on a catastrophe of nature."

"....sonically interesting and engaging. Using a variety of percussive, bowed, and conventional keyboard techniques, Shiu coaxes a huge range of sounds from his instrument and effectively communicates a sense of loss and tragedy while also making music that is both intellectually and aesthetically engaging."
-CD HotList

"....and has built a monumental and gorgeous 62-minute essay through studio superimpositioins and multi-tracking."
-La Folia

"The work fascinates in its stark ritualized action. The more one listens, the more one gravitates toward the sounds so well thought-out by Kawai Shiu. It has a one-of-a-kind quality that is in the end a tribute to the bravery of those who got through the upheaval and surged forward to rebuild their lives. In that, it is a work highly representational. All sounds have meaning yet are singular within themselves. Hearing a moving experience. Listen!"
-Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review



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